Who we are?

LTM are an organisation run entirely by medical students and professionals. The application process is difficult and we are here to guide you every step of the way, giving free advice and resources.

Our highly experienced team of medical students, healthcare professionals, and admissions tutors aim to provide you the support and guidance you require to ace your medical interview.


1-to-1 Support

We will contact you to find out everything about your application. Tailoring it around you and your chosen medical schools.

Quality Assurance

The LTM team ranges from 1st Year students to Consultants.
You can guarantee that we will provide you an up-to-date, all inclusive experience.

Ongoing Support

We set you up with a personal tutor, whom you can contact for assistance and guidance throughout your medical application.

Meet The Team

Tufayl Hannan

The road to medicine is not simple nor straightforward. It can easily become a significant source for worry and concern.

Students can work tirelessly towards their dream of securing that place in medical school. In the end, it all comes down to a simple 10 minutes. Here at Let's Talk Medicine, we can provide you with the tools to succeed at your medical interview.

I'm no genius or top class doctor, just a guy trying to make a difference, doing what I can to help those in need.

Zakaria Rob

Managing Director
Having tutored many students successfully to go onto receive places at medical school, I saw a need to provide this assistance in an accessible manner, so all those who require it can receive the support they need to achieve their ambitions.

As well as this I want to be able to value the time of medical students for their support and make their financial situation a little easier.

Faizaan Ahmad

Media Manager
I have a real passion for photography and videography and try to do as much as I can around my uni life. I remember when I was applying to med school and feeling scared about interviews, which is why Let's Talk Medicine is such a great idea and why I am proud to be able to help.