What is this scheme all about?

The medical school application is difficult as it is and getting an interview is an achievement in itself. You cannot afford to lose this chance, so come and join the LTM family. Approach us, we will Advise you and we can assure that you will Achieve.

Here at Let's Talk Medicine we are determined to provide you quality support and advice you won't' receive anywhere else. We have medical students from each and every medical school in the country, who are dedicated to helping you.




Why choose us?

Most medical students will have prepared thoroughly for their interview, reading books, websites and speaking to doctors and healthcare professionals. How can you differ? How can you stand out from the crowd?
With a LTM Consultation, you may select which medical school student you would like to speak to. The benefits of this are that you gain an insight into the University life, teaching and everything you need to know to impress the admissions tutor at that specific medical school.

Ace your interview with Let's Talk Medicine.

What is Student Connect?

We have a huge range of medical students from almost every medical school in the country. In purchasing a subscription with LTM you will be able to book a slot with a medical student at your choice of medical school.

These students will conduct a Mock Interview with you, as well as giving you guidance on how to approach the interview at their university. After all, students at that medical school know the ins and outs, the do's and don'ts, they are the experts.

Can I book a one-to-one interview?

All of our interviews are one-to-one. You will be provided with a unique video call URL, which you access at your allocated interview slot.
Your medical tutor will be there to provide you guidance and answer any questions you may have 🙂

We also have the opportunity for you to book a face to face mock interview (London Students Only). 
For more information regarding this, contact: info@letstalkmedicine.co.uk

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards.
You can also pay via PayPal, making it faster, and more secure for you.


At Let's Talk Medicine, we provide competitive prices to amplify and widen participation, especially from students of low-income backgrounds.

But we strive to do more than provide low prices, we are also willing to provide bursaries to eligible students. That's right! FREE interview support, courtesy of LTM. We are here to support you, in every way 🙂
To apply simply send a short email, with the subject 'BURSARY" to info@letstalkmedicine.co.uk with a short paragraph as to why you should be eligible and how this bursary will benefit you. 

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Interested in booking a slot with one of our tutors, as well as gaining access to our unique Interview Support Video Bank?