With the competition to gain entry into medical school becoming very difficult, having amazing grades alone cannot guarantee you a place. It predominantly relies on a student's performance during the all-important medical school interview. 
Our vision is to be at the forefront of medical school interview support, providing a unique service in which students can gain advice and guidance from current medical students at various medical schools. Unlike many providers, we provide competitive prices, many bursaries to amplify support to students from low-income backgrounds. 


To reach our goal, we need students from medical schools across the country, so we can provide a platform in which students can access regardless of where they have applied. Preparing them for their interview, at each and every medical school.
Your role is through a one-to-one video call, to provide students with quality support, advice, and guidance. Such that you humbly received when you were applying to medical school.


As a LTM Interview Tutor, you will form part of a close-knit team dedicated to equipping and preparing the next generation of prospective medical students, by helping them succeed in their medical school interviews.
Most of us remember the person who gave us that all needed boost and support in the run up to our interview, who told us those small tips which improved the way we interviewed and gave us unique insight to our potential medical school.

As a LTM Tutor, you will provide that much-needed support and insight to students who otherwise do not have access.
You’ll be working with prospective medical students on a 1to1 basis via online tutoring sessions. You will be trained to address different aspects of an interview and you’ll become a master of taking a student from average to excellent!
We are all dedicated to providing exceptional service to our students and you will form an integral part of that experience for them. It is crucial that you embody our Vision and Values and become an ambassador that is passionate about setting high standards and making sure your tutoring is the very best it can be for our students.


Available below, is the Job Description and Person Specification for your role as a, Let's Talk Medicine Interview Tutor.
Please take the time to read through these documents thoroughly, enabling yourself to understand what your job entails and what LTM expects from you both as a tutor and medical student.

At Let's Talk Medicine we strive to provide prospective students the lowest and most competitive prices, whilst ensuring your time is valued.

Our current pay is £20-30/hr, this is dependent upon the following variables:

  • Experience
  • Location
  • LTM Pricing Structure
Working Hours

Working hours are flexible.

You can adjust your working hours and tailor it around your personal schedule.


Are you interested in being part of the future of medical school application support? Do you want to finish medical school with more than just your degree?

Become part of something greater with Let's Talk Medicine

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